Portsoy youth Regatta 2017

Our first regatta of the 2017 season saw our Youth team take to the water at Portsoy for the first regatta in the youth series and the weather was beautiful.  We welcomed Libby to the team for the first time and Neve also got the chance to go out on the Umpire boat. A great day  was had by everyone that attended and we came home with some medals.17426287_10212535923857876_2803992683631147805_n 17457915_10212536591634570_5871905075250386143_n 17757281_10212534619665272_4797001020702381441_n 17553551_10212535923897877_2383262383823914271_n 17554538_10212534621505318_5824631809405845505_n 17626422_10212534618625246_8724863986343647863_n 17629708_10212534622545344_8849159623140056932_n 17554000_10212534619585270_5881250669605556497_n17630095_10212534622865352_5309488970939530668_n

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AGM meeting

We will be holding our AGM on 26th October in the Pavilion starting at 7pm .

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Avoch Regatta times and results 2016

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Avoch Regatta


Avoch community Rowing club hosted their second Regatta on the 1st of October.

14 boats attended and competed in 11 race’s over a 1.5km course which included a port turn. 5 of theses race’s were split into two waves consisting of 6/7 boat’s per wave, with the top 3 time’s taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd .

14468392_10206853132756382_2480371279803166496_o 14542599_1254871937919840_2211376922540120265_o 14567362_10206853134036414_5448540005425387552_o

Junior race’s competed on the 1.2km course also with a port turn, while the 60+men/women took part in 600m sprint’s.


The day began with the cox’s briefing in the boat shed given by Sally MacAdie were the days racing was outlined. With Chief umpire Drew Mann in Mike Anavi rib and Alec Mann/ Richard Franklin manning Steve Groat’s rib the racing was ready to start.



The women’s 50+ was the first race of the day , which saw Boatie taking 1st followed by Helmsdale 2nd and then Avoch 3rd. After an unfortunate incident at the turn Broughty Ferry found themselves disqualified during the race.


It was then the turn of the 50+ men and with everyone this time getting round the turn successfully Helmsdale took 1st , Portsoy 2nd and Avoch 3rd.


The women’s 40+ saw only 1 second between 1st and 2nd place with Portsoy just managing to out row Avoch to take 1st place , Avoch 2nd with Broughty ferry 3rd.










The women’s Open race saw both Avoch boats taking part. Broughty Ferry took 1st , Avoch 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd . Avoch’s second boat recorded the 3rd fastest time but with the cup to fight for got moved to 4th and no points were awarded.


The men were up next with Broughty Ferry 1st, Ullapool 2nd and Avoch 3rd Broughty clearly on the charge after their earlier disqualification .


The junior race’s saw 4 boats compete in the U19 mixed and 3 in the U17 mixed. Both race’s won by Avoch with Deveron taking 2nd and Boatie 3rd in the U19 and Portsoy 2nd and Deveron 3rd the U17.



The mixed Open was won by Broughty Ferry, Avoch 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd . The 60+ sprint’s ran side by side as only 2 women’s team’s had entered. Women’s 60+ Avoch 1st and Collieston 2nd with Ullapool taking 1st in the men’s followed by Avoch 2nd and Portsoy 3rd.




The day’s racing ran like clockwork with racing finishing ahead of schedule and without a hitch. A huge credit has to go to Drew Mann who organised the event and was chief umpire on the day and all a week before his 18th birthday.


Thank you to all the club’s that attended and made this event so special we hope to see you all again soon. Well done to Sutor Skiffies (cromarty) who took part only 6 day’s after their launch.

11 categories, 3 courses, 15 race’s done.


Avoch Community Rowing club commissioned a trophy to be awarded to the club with the highest points tally at the end of racing. The Angus Mcwilliam memorial cup named after one of our founding member’s who sadly passed away in August this year. Angus is deeply missed by the club, his granddaughter Alex presented the trophy to Avoch the winning club. Although we realise it’s perhaps a little impolite to win our own regatta, somehow it just seemed fitting that the trophy has ended up staying in Avoch this year.


With the day’s racing finished medal’s and trophy presented, a well earned bowl of chilli was offered with music from the Black isle player’s (the music group Angus played with) filling the shed the refreshment’s started to flow. Chat on the day’s racing combined with dancing carried on into the early hour’s of the morning.


Finally a huge thank you to the lovely ladies who kept us fed and watered all day. The race control team , timing team and everyone who gave up their time to help out.

Truly amazing effort thank you.

Until next year. Even bigger next year Drew !!!!!!!!


Points and times for race’s can be found on our website .

Pictures from Allan Robertson Photography.

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On the 27th of August Avoch made the trip down to North Berwick to compete in the North Berwick Regatta a first for us.

We enjoyed beautiful weather and some exciting racing on a 3km round Craig Leith .


Avoch came home with a 3rd in the women’s 40+ also gaining a 4th , two 5th, 6th, two 8th and a 9th.

A day of very competitive racing between 16 boat’s.14079701_559170337605568_8086345185723604223_n14095967_559179977604604_996075352295108842_n but we also found time to chill out in the sun (jack Macleod)

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A week after the world’s and we are of again, this time up to Shieldaig.13880302_550249661830969_7913959927788879039_n

A great day again was had even if the weather decided not to play ball.  A very wet and sometimes windy day, saw 5 race’s over a 2km course round an island take place.  Avoch went up with a small squad as a lot of member’s were letting their hair down at Belladrum for the weekend, well deserved after a great week in NI.

We came home with a 1st in the women’s decades, 2nd in the men’s decades, 6th in the mixed open, 1st in the women’s open and a 3rd in the men’s open.  Which mean’s we came 2nd overall ,fantastic result’s again.

We also welcomed the new skiff SILDVIK ( Shieldaig & Loch Torridon) to the community and also the KAY MATHESON (Loch Ewe).

13934699_550249671830968_4060672603279587703_n 13934651_550249855164283_609539801971258812_n 13907077_550249905164278_2234652574852003129_n 13891982_550249795164289_7778607883007005202_n


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Well we went , we rowed, we came home 5th in the world.  What an amazing week we had at the world championship’s held at Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland.  Our Journey started at 5.30am on the morning of the 24th July with an 11 hour drive/ferry trip ahead.13692714_1341762902504913_1760565685658649036_n

We arrive safe and well in NI and head to our accommodation to get a good night’s sleep before the racing start’s.


Our day start’s with a coxes briefing at 9.15am before the start of the day’s racing;

Open B mixed heat’s, women’s 60+heat’s, men’s 40+heat’s then Open B mixed Final and women’s 60+final.

Avoch got through to the Open B mixed final and came 11th


Men’s 60+ heat’s, women’s 40+ heat’s, U19 mixed heat’s, Men’s U17 final, U19 mixed final, Women’s 40+ final, Men’s 40+ final, Men’s 60+ final.

Avoch got through to Women’s 40+ final 6th place, U19 mixed final 8th place and U17 men’s final 1st place


Open B women’s heat’s and final, mixed 60+ heat’s and final , Men’s open B heat’s and final.

Avoch got through to Women’s open B final 4th place and Mixed 60+final 15th place


U17 Mixed Final , Mixed open A heat’s and Women’s 50+ heat’s

Our team’s made it through to the Mixed open A final , the women’s 50+final and our U17 came joint 3rd with Eastern in the final.


Women’s open A heat’s, Women’s 50+ final, Mixed open A final, Mixed 40+heat’s, Men’s open A heat’s, U17 Women’s final

Our team’s got through all the heat’s and in to the final’s tomorrow and our Mixed open came 7th in their final , women’s 50+finished 11th and our U17 Women’s finished 3rd in their final.


Mixed 50+heat’s and final, Mixed 40+ final, U19 men’s final, U19 Women’s final, Men’s open A final and Women’s Open A final

Again our team’s did Avoch proud with both U19 team’s coming 4th , Open A men’s finishing 10th, Mixed 40+ finished 9th and the Women’s open A team finishing 4th .

After a row round to Strangford with all the skiff’s , we then attended the closing ceremony . Which saw Avoch coming 5th overall out of the 41 clubs that attended the championship’s.  What an amazing achievement for a club that has only been running for 2 years.  A massive well done to all the club’s , a fantastic week of rowing .

It is fair to say that we all had a great time, lots of laughs and great rowing.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us we hope we did you proud.

13681062_545133785675890_1885163720489174519_n 13876245_546170118905590_2040194695123694624_n 13659032_545133225675946_71907862259525495_n 13631454_545133599009242_2476205844181396586_n 13627051_545765158946086_4659733407643905648_n 13592632_545133449009257_9176478734290207315_n

Please go to our Facebook page for lots of other photo’s and update’s from the world’s.


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Portsoy regatta at the Scottish traditional boat festival took place over the weekend of the 26th-27th of June. The weather at this year’s regatta was great, unlike last year.

15 club’s took part in this years regatta , portsoy welcomed Avoch, Anstruther, Eastern , North Berwick, Boatie Blest, Bunillidh, Collieston, Catterline, Burghead, Findochty, Findhorn, Deveron, St Andrew’s and Cullen .  Race’s took place over the two day’s and included 2km and sprint’s of 750m.  Unfortanlly our junior crew’s didn’t compete as most were away on a school trip, but Erin and Drew did in some of our open team’s.

Our 2km race’s included Men’s open finishing 5th, Women’s open finishing 3rd, Mixed fresher finishing 3rd and our mixed open taking a 2nd well done guy’s.

As you can imagine sprint racing is fast , boat’s race for 750m with a turn , boat’s race in heat’s with 3 boats in each heat then the 3 fastest time’s  go through to final.

Our sprint team’s did amazing this year well done

1st mixed 60+, 2nd mixed fresher, 4th men’s 40+, 2nd women’s 40+, 3rd women’s 50+,  2nd Mixed 40+, 2nd women’s open, 4th men’s open.

13568854_589800057857934_4330078403433211837_o 13497530_589800814524525_726666632304792449_o 13558967_589798127858127_803300144771658824_o 13494759_533915413464394_1304788406142493638_n 13528176_589800084524598_5413777883979945321_o 13528675_533918960130706_6860121190329858444_n

At the end of the 2 day’s  racing Avoch finished a fantastic 3rd Overall, well done everyone, next stop the world championship’s northern Ireland. Thanks again for a great two day’s Portsoy .

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Ullapool Regatta was held over the weekend of 28th-29th of May.  We enjoyed beautiful weather and hospitality as always.  Ullapool regatta saw our junior team’s racing for the first time .  Our U19 and U17 mixed team’s had brilliant success coming home with two silver medals.13466435_531383413717594_5031494366381137506_n 13465966_531385767050692_4019764045976870769_n 13450130_531383370384265_8466485036327261516_n

We also welcomed for the first time Ingrid and Lorna, who are in the process of building a skiff in Cromarty, but for this season are rowing with us.  Both ladies went home with medal’s, Ingrid a silver and a bronze in women’s open B and Mixed open B and Lorna a bronze in the mixed open B, well done ladies.13507021_531385733717362_5484118107543906799_n

Our women’s 40+ also brought home a silver , which took our medal’s to 4 silver and 1 bronze well done team.

A massive well done to everyone who took part, a great two day’s was had by all .

Ullapool gave us a good chance to get the feel for the upcoming world championship’s as many of the club’s that attended would also be attending the world’s.  15 club’s raced  a 2km course with a turn at the 1km mark the same type of course that is planned for the world’s .

Next stop Portsoy!!!!!13507039_531383657050903_6398679207817070073_n


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Sunday 1st May saw the skiffties take on Loch Ness in our Monster row.  The Monster row was masterminded by Drew Mann as a great way of  fund raising for our trip to the skiffie world’s (world championship) in Northern Ireland .  The monster row saw us row from one end of Loch Ness to the other, a 22 mile stretch  in 5 legs and completed in 5 hours. One of our junior members took on the challenge of organising this Monster Row, Drew Mann spent many hours studying maps and driving the length of the loch looking for crew changing stops, As well as sorting all the teams, drivers and helpers. A massive well done to him .  On the morning of the row the weather and wind looked like it may stop play, but after an early morning drive to check the condition’s on the loch Drew gave the go ahead.  The boat and her first crew made the journey to Fort Augustus where she was launched and started her journey down the loch.  A further 4 stop’s and crew change’s took place with her finally landing at Dore’s , to be welcomed in by a great crowd .  A crowd funding page had been set up to allow sponsorship which generated an amazing £1142.00 .  A massive thank you to everyone who sponsored us and a big thank you to everyone who took part and came to show support on the day.  We might have had a little bit of fun with photo-shop.13151664_513645738824695_5309010481802309265_n 13139330_514938078695461_7204405859718437186_n 13102749_513798962142706_4064333812143788421_n 13100903_513798905476045_6365416399624684226_n 13076945_513798945476041_6191363956308184061_n 13095940_513791602143442_8711891543833970915_n

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