Avoch Youth Regatta 2017

Well what a day we had on Saturday .  Well done to all the youth teams that came and took part in the last youth regatta of the 2017 season.  Avoch welcomed youth team’s from Ullapool, Burghead , Cromarty, Golspie and of course our own youth team.  The weather was great sunshine with a light breeze.


The day started with the coxes briefing at 10.15am with the racing starting at 11.00am.  First on the water was the U17 girls with Avoch taking 1st , Ullapool 2nd and Burghead 3rd.  Next was the turn of the U17 boys with Ullapool coming in 1st, Avoch 2nd , Burghhead 3rd and Cromarty 4th.  The next race was U19 girls with Avoch taking 1st place , Ullapool 2nd and Burghead 3rd .  With only two team’s running in the U19 boys Ullapool took 1st place and Burghead 2nd.  22540192_10209801659987720_1896439967568867409_n

Next it was the turn of the mixed team’s the U17 mixed race saw Helmsdale take 1st , Ullapool 2nd and Avoch 3rd.  U19 mixed was the last youth race of the day and was won by Ullapool with Burghead 2nd and Avoch 3rd.


We also had a few adult races on the day to give the junior’s a bit of a rest . We welcomed boats from Findhorn, Portsoy, Burghead, Chanonry, Cromarty, Golspie x 2 , Helmsdale, Lochcarron, Shieldaig, Ullapool and our own two boat’s.  The first of the adult races was the womens open which was won by Portsoy with Burghead taking 2nd and Avoch 3rd.  The mens open results were Ullapool 1st, Golspie 2 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd.

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Our next adult race was the mixed open which saw Ullapool taking 1st, Avoch 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd.  We then had two mixed age races the first was the 200+ with Golspie 2 taking 1st, Helmsdale 2nd and Ullapool 3rd .  The last race of the day was the 160+ which Golspie 1 came 1st , Portsoy 2nd and Golspie 2 came in 3rd.

Everyone had a fantastic day with lovely food which was provided by the ladies of Avoch .

Thank you to everyone who attended and to everyone who helped out on the day.  See you all again next year.

The results for the day have been sent out to clubs but can also be found on our Facebook page .

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All pictures from Tony Kelly (Avoch), Laura Lambert (Avoch)

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