The first Black Isle regatta, jointly hosted by Avoch and Cromarty Community Rowing clubs.
A two day event hosting one of the youth regatta legs, along with plenty competitive races for the adults.
All youth races included also with Opens, Over 40′s, Over 50′s and Over 60′s mens, womens and mixed races.
Camping available with a dance in the town hall on the saturday evening.

We are limited to 16 boats. First come first served. Also it would be preferred if you were entering the majority of categories and not only a few.

If you are interested please email Drew Mann (drewmann@live.co.uk) to express your interest.



Entries include

North Berwick
Broughty Ferry
Sutor Skiffies

See you all on the 16/17th of June

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Avoch Youth Regatta 2017

Well what a day we had on Saturday .  Well done to all the youth teams that came and took part in the last youth regatta of the 2017 season.  Avoch welcomed youth team’s from Ullapool, Burghead , Cromarty, Golspie and of course our own youth team.  The weather was great sunshine with a light breeze.


The day started with the coxes briefing at 10.15am with the racing starting at 11.00am.  First on the water was the U17 girls with Avoch taking 1st , Ullapool 2nd and Burghead 3rd.  Next was the turn of the U17 boys with Ullapool coming in 1st, Avoch 2nd , Burghhead 3rd and Cromarty 4th.  The next race was U19 girls with Avoch taking 1st place , Ullapool 2nd and Burghead 3rd .  With only two team’s running in the U19 boys Ullapool took 1st place and Burghead 2nd.  22540192_10209801659987720_1896439967568867409_n

Next it was the turn of the mixed team’s the U17 mixed race saw Helmsdale take 1st , Ullapool 2nd and Avoch 3rd.  U19 mixed was the last youth race of the day and was won by Ullapool with Burghead 2nd and Avoch 3rd.


We also had a few adult races on the day to give the junior’s a bit of a rest . We welcomed boats from Findhorn, Portsoy, Burghead, Chanonry, Cromarty, Golspie x 2 , Helmsdale, Lochcarron, Shieldaig, Ullapool and our own two boat’s.  The first of the adult races was the womens open which was won by Portsoy with Burghead taking 2nd and Avoch 3rd.  The mens open results were Ullapool 1st, Golspie 2 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd.

22550060_10209801652667537_2831459551061823549_n 22552413_10209801702308778_850963870770635483_n

Our next adult race was the mixed open which saw Ullapool taking 1st, Avoch 2nd and Helmsdale 3rd.  We then had two mixed age races the first was the 200+ with Golspie 2 taking 1st, Helmsdale 2nd and Ullapool 3rd .  The last race of the day was the 160+ which Golspie 1 came 1st , Portsoy 2nd and Golspie 2 came in 3rd.

Everyone had a fantastic day with lovely food which was provided by the ladies of Avoch .

Thank you to everyone who attended and to everyone who helped out on the day.  See you all again next year.

The results for the day have been sent out to clubs but can also be found on our Facebook page .

22788938_761084280747505_634859768655991443_n 22730583_761084100747523_4069483655315325602_n 22729213_10209801650947494_8194309613329736805_n 22729180_10209801672188025_4628563977081255112_n 22728968_761084067414193_1822405097064936029_n 22728756_761084360747497_742318087278283679_n 22728645_10209801663947819_6998937905655148014_n 22688884_761084430747490_11995993267823676_n 22688498_761084070747526_257252685088843842_n 22688053_761084054080861_5650258999270348222_n 22687564_10209801736549634_3954985020278009167_n 22555038_10209801666907893_2810358394015983375_n 22554909_761084064080860_6485187243744631194_n 22554866_10209801788830941_3508431928119010394_n 22552864_10209801767950419_2588289243479244570_n 22552798_10209801692188525_200115418852432396_n 22552567_10209801740669737_3659756411529836500_n 22549874_10209801724909343_3631085496717177628_n

All pictures from Tony Kelly (Avoch), Laura Lambert (Avoch)

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Castle to Crane 2017

After months of training the day finally arrived for the very first castle to crane race.  The race which started at Dumbarton castle and the route took the 75 skiffs up the river clyde for 13 miles to the finnieston crane.  We took 2 boats down to the race one womens open crew and a mixed crew.  The weather was very kind with clear skies and very little wind.  It was amazing to see all 75 skiffs along with a collection of other rowing boats take to the water in Dumbarton.  After a long 13 miles we are excited to say that our women’s open team are the very first winner’s of the castle to crane race with the mixed crew coming in a great 5th place in their group.  We have got the long distance race bug now.  Well done everyone what an amazing day .21761978_10214295418044131_1083928288541941711_n22007318_10214295425244311_8795037704432842469_n21761978_10214295418044131_1083928288541941711_n21762082_10214281918346647_5995987515870060736_n21762214_10214281918826659_1632787155486172467_n21766316_10214295418964154_7685302188450753361_n22045631_10214295419364164_7375173179410996711_n22007875_10214295428564394_557074408369135964_n

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Launching Zippy Bee

We launched our little wemyss skiff Zippy Bee this week.  The club had decided last year that it would be lovely to have a little boat to join the family.  A huge thankyou to everyone who built her and a big thank you to Peter smith .  We had a lovely turn out for her launch and it stopped raining long enough to get some new rowers out.  The launch was followed by a BBQ and bonfire on the beach.  So once there was one and now we have three.21764933_747454485443818_6767630083671286427_n 21761650_1411530872249317_5258462439472451644_n 21752452_747454505443816_3352777536388094575_n 21742910_1411530505582687_2026182220217411534_n 21742819_747454492110484_4013842780510571834_n

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Findhorn Regatta 2017

On the 9th of September we headed to the lovely Findhorn for their first regatta.  This was the first time we had expereniced the strong current’s in Findhorn bay.  The day started with sprint’s of around 500m , the women’s sprint team came 3rd with the men’s sprint team coming in 1st and the mixed sprint team rounding the sprint race’s of with a 4th.  Racing then moved to the 1.3km course which to be far felt a lot more like 1.3 mile’s.  The women’s , men’s and mixed team’s all came home in 1st place, well done to everyone who took part and helped us bring home another overall win for the club.21617818_709688672558813_4136728743759769374_n 21558964_709687115892302_118955060719258558_n 21558833_709688529225494_6961383082753913604_n 21557521_709688782558802_8977869193792865460_n 21463148_709688485892165_3397178493197740200_n 21432971_709688955892118_7901000172620797333_n 21432888_709688735892140_5510656286553584829_n

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Shieldaig Regatta 2017

Shieldaig regatta was held on Saturday 12th of August.  The west coast was very kind with the weather this year as we had beautiful sunshine and flat sea’s .  We had a great day with our mixed open taking 1st, the women’s open came 1st, men’s decades 1st, men’s open 2nd and the women’s decades coming in 3rd.  These results enabled us to come home with another trophy as we came 1st overall.  22366320_1891940634151225_4782646424385056167_n 20800062_10155076766828068_7026347014182499013_n 20770409_10154922185152685_992364817052908037_n 20770397_10155076766883068_3841505489184372407_n 20770369_732277106961556_4485117869591976731_n 20708200_10155076766313068_5340670787471458151_n 20708187_732277100294890_871760512948697725_n

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Helmsdale Regatta 2017

On the 5th of August we took Zephyr up to Helmsdale for their regatta .  We had a great day with great friends.  The weather was breezy but it stayed dry for the whole day.  We came home with a 3rd overall which was fantastic as it was also Belladrum weekend which a lot of the club was attending.  We had a win in the mixed 40s race , mixed open 4th, men’s 40+ 1st, Ladies 40+ 3rd and the women’s open came 3rd.  Another great regatta was had by all with a lovely meal and drinks to finish the day .

20728138_921957327943383_1527131112061401963_n 20708183_921957461276703_541283915136629456_n 20663705_921957537943362_5055947804372237381_n 20638885_921958097943306_2665380182345089752_n 20638509_921957831276666_3635196870802242412_n 20621893_921957034610079_8001872559198116113_n

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Cromarty Regatta 2017

For once we didn’t have to travel to far for this one , just 9 miles up the road.  Cromarty held their first regatta / funday on the 22nd July.  What a fantastic day we had with lovely sunny skies and a little bit of breeze , Avoch showed up in force.  It was lovely to see so many families enjoying a day out on Cromarty beach.  As we were so close to home we took both our boats over , this enabled us to get a record number of rowers out on the water.   Some great rowing and great crack was had by everyone who took part , a massive thank you to Cromarty for a fantastic day.  Avoch came home with the overall trophy after a 1st and 2nd in every race.

20374311_397726340629143_5814579332163543634_n 20258266_397726127295831_5971318273700217951_n 20246028_397726343962476_508396331136284606_n 20229029_397726267295817_5251922165996457912_n 20228913_397726277295816_6272639874379319489_n 20228616_397726177295826_4594895525763138819_n

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Ullapool 2017

We head west for the mini world’s aka Ullapool regatta on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of July .  We had our youth teams and our senior teams rowing on Saturday.  This produced an 8th for the 60 mixed, 7th for the 60 men and a 6th for the 60 women.  Our youth team came home with a 3rd in the U 17 girls and a  2nd in the U19 mixed . Well done to all the teams on the day great racing everyone .19894630_10213571896636548_2111266707618858551_n 19884259_10213571896556546_561160108812774736_n 19756641_10213571896596547_5718170618797193155_n

Sunday saw our open,40s and mixed teams take to water.  The open womens A and B teams both came in 5th .  The open A men got a 8th and our open mixed team got  an 8th.  The 40s women came in 7th and the 40 men came in 11th.  We had a great time as usual at Ullapool and look forward to next years regatta.

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Portsoy Regatta 2017

Portsoy did not disappoint with the weather this year( haha).  Racing started with the 2km races for both men’s open and women’s open conditions for both these races were favourable with a 4th for the men and a 5th for the women.  After the 2km racing the sprints took over with our mixed 60s getting a 6th and out mixed Novices getting 3rd.  Next it was the turn of the mixed 40s, with the weather getting worse the 40 mixed took to the water but after a chat between clubs and the umpires it was decided to cancel the rest of the days racing as the wind was getting to strong . This gave everyone staying a chance to enjoy the boat festival .  Sundays racing was also cancelled due to weather conditions .  Avoch finished in second place overall after Saturdays racing.

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