Launching Zippy Bee

We launched our little wemyss skiff Zippy Bee this week.  The club had decided last year that it would be lovely to have a little boat to join the family.  A huge thankyou to everyone who built her and a big thank you to Peter smith .  We had a lovely turn out for her launch and it stopped raining long enough to get some new rowers out.  The launch was followed by a BBQ and bonfire on the beach.  So once there was one and now we have three.21764933_747454485443818_6767630083671286427_n 21761650_1411530872249317_5258462439472451644_n 21752452_747454505443816_3352777536388094575_n 21742910_1411530505582687_2026182220217411534_n 21742819_747454492110484_4013842780510571834_n

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