Findhorn Regatta 2017

On the 9th of September we headed to the lovely Findhorn for their first regatta.  This was the first time we had expereniced the strong current’s in Findhorn bay.  The day started with sprint’s of around 500m , the women’s sprint team came 3rd with the men’s sprint team coming in 1st and the mixed sprint team rounding the sprint race’s of with a 4th.  Racing then moved to the 1.3km course which to be far felt a lot more like 1.3 mile’s.  The women’s , men’s and mixed team’s all came home in 1st place, well done to everyone who took part and helped us bring home another overall win for the club.21617818_709688672558813_4136728743759769374_n 21558964_709687115892302_118955060719258558_n 21558833_709688529225494_6961383082753913604_n 21557521_709688782558802_8977869193792865460_n 21463148_709688485892165_3397178493197740200_n 21432971_709688955892118_7901000172620797333_n 21432888_709688735892140_5510656286553584829_n

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